Super Over

What is Super Over?

There are 35 cards playing in Super Over (one card from each suit except for Spades). The cards that play in this game are: A (1 run), 2 (2 runs), 3 (3 runs), 4 (4 runs), 6 (6  runs), 10 (0  run), K (Wicket). There are two Teams/Players in Super Over: South Africa and England. The players are dealt 6 cards each. 

How to Play Super Over?

After opening 6 cards for South Africa, the dealer shuffles the cards, puts it in the shuffling machine, takes the new deck and continues the game with a new deck.K is called a Wicket. If the dealer opens two wickets (two Kings)  for one player, that player is not dealt any more cards. Which Team will have more Run (sum), that Team will win the round.