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What is One Day Teen Patti?

Your job in this game is to predict whether Player A or Player B will win. The winner is determined by drawing 3 cards per Player, and then comparing their hands as per 3-Card Poker rules. The poker hands are ranked as usual except only 3-card versions exist.  The game is also known as “flash” or “flush” and is a simplified variant of three-card Poker. Teen Patti One Day is a special variant of the Indian Teen Patti card game.

Rules to know :
The payouts in this game dynamically change with each new card. As such, there is no pre-set One Day Teen Patti Classic paytable. The only constant payout is if you Back Player A or B before any cards are drawn. In this case, you’ll win at odds of 1.98 if the corresponding side wins. Otherwise, the payout is determined at the moment you decide to place your bet.

How to play One Day Teen Patti?
The first thing to understand about how to play One Day Teen Patti Classic by Ezugi is what Laying and Backing bets means. It’s simple, really – Backing a bet just means that you’re betting that something will happen. In this case, it means that you’re predicting that Player A or Player B will win. Laying bets, on the other hand, is the opposite. You’re essentially predicting that something will not happen. For example, if you Lay a bet on P.To illustrate how One Day Teen Patti Classic works, we’ll walk you through a typical round.The round opens with a 10-second betting timer. At this point, you can only lay bets, and you can do so for either side at equal odds. Then, the dealer will draw a card and place it at the Player A side. You will again have 10 seconds to Back or Lay a bet. Importantly, from this point onward, the player can bet on only one of the two players – the favourite. You can wager either in favour or against the player that’s more likely to win at that moment.
However, you’ll get a chance to bet after each card is placed on the table. This means that the status of favourites constantly changes, as do the betting odds associated with laying or backing them. Once all 6 cards are drawn, the winner is announced and you’ll get a payout based on all the wagers you made.