3 Card Judgment

What is a 3-Card Judgement ?
3-Card Judgement is a very common casino game and can also be played with equal zeal online. This game allows great room for winning more money given its simple nature and easy process. However, to slay any casino game or card game for that matter, one needs to be thorough with the rules of the game. Plus, to have a fast-mover advantage, the player should also keep an account for tactics that can get you better chances at winning than others.

Rules to know :
If you bet on the YES panel and choose three cards, then this means that you can win if one or more of your chosen three cards from the dealer’s deck. If not, you lose the game. The payout rate for the YES panel is 1:1.78 If you bet on the NO panel and choose three cards, then this means that you can win if none of the cards that you chose form the dealer’s deck. If you’ve chosen a card and that is in the dealer’s deck, then you lose. The payout rate for the NO panel is 1:1.84Yes! 3-Card Judgement is this simple. However, what you need to understand is that your guesswork should be on-point. If you think the YES panel is where you will slay it, put your bets on the YES panel. The central idea of this game revolves around your judgement of what cards will appear or not appear in the dealers’ deck.

How to play 3- Card Judgement?
3-Card Judgement is a very simple game based on the player’s judgement. All you have to do is put your guesswork with some strategy in place and guess cards that will come or not come in the dealer’s deck.
Yes! In this game of 3-Card Judgement, you can bet on the cards that will form the dealer’s deck or the cards that will not form the dealer’s deck.
All the cards from the Ace to the King are for you to choose from. And you have two panels- YES or NO. You can only bet on either of the panels in one particular game.