7 Up 7 Down

What is 7Up 7Down?

7 Up / 7 Down is a fast-action game played with cards on a table.

The game begins when players bet on either 7Up or 7Down options on the table. 

Depending on whether you bet on the 7Up or the 7Down box, you win if the card matches your chosen option.

Rules to know :

The cards are drawn from a machine containing 6 to 8 pre-shuffled decks of cards. 

In 7 Up / 7 Down, the ace has the lowest value while the king has the highest value. In essence, the increasing rank of the cards is ace, 2,3 4,5,6,7,8,9,10, J, Q, and K.

Once all players have placed their bets on the option of their choice, the dealer draws one card and places it on the respective box.

You win if the box of your choice matches a box,where the card has been dealt. Or else you lose the game.

How to play 7 Up 7Down?

First, you bet on either the 7Up or the 7Down box by placing chips on either of the two options.

Then the dealer draws one card for each set and places them on the respective boxes on the table.
There is 1 more option for betting.
Besides 7 Up and 7 Down boxes, there is one more box which is 7.You win, when the dealt card is exact 7.