Worli Matka

What is Matka ?
Matka is one of the most popular games in India. It is played with 40 cards. The winning results are between the numbers 0 to 9. 0 is considered as an even number.Card versions of Matka, which are enjoyed by Indian Casino users, have also been developed over the years.In Matka, a standard deck of 52 French-suited playing cards is used from which the Kings, Queens, and Jacks are discarded. Of the remaining cards, Aces are valued at 1, cards 2 to 9 are taken at face value, and the value of 10 is considered to be 0.

Rules to know :

The dealer opens three cards and the total amount of those cards is the winning result of the round. The players win with Single, Double or Triple Panna. The Single Panna is when all three opened cards are different. The Double Panna is when there are two same and one different cards. And the Triple Panna is when all three cards are the same.

How to play Matka ?
First, you bet on the summary of 3 cards by placing chips on either of the 10  options(From 0 to 9).Then the dealer draws 3 cards and places them on the respective boxes on the table.You win if your initial bet or call is on Option, which value matches to your chosen option.There is an option to bet on Pannas (Single Double Triple).