Muflis Teen Patti

What is Muflis Teen Patti?
Muflis is a fun variation of Teen Patti and it rotates the rules of Teen Patti upside down. Why? In a game of Muflis, the weakest Teen Patti variation is considered as the highest valued set. And the highest is considered the lowest.

Rules to know :
While the rules are the same as in typical Teen Patti, the main difference is that in Muflis the value of the cards in your hand are opposite to the norm, meaning the lowest card has the highest value and the other way around. When it happens while playing Muflis that two players remain in the game with the same hand, the player who has the card with the lowest value wins. 

How to play Muflis Teen Patti?
For example, if you have three aces, it would be a trio and highest valued set in a normal Teen Patti game. Whereas it is the lowest valued set for Muflis. If you ace three aces and another person has 5-3-2, the other person will win the game. Many players are also familiar with Muflis under the name Lowball.