Dream Catcher

What is a Dream Catcher?
Evolution Gaming launched the Dream Catcher game online at the ICE industry gaming event in 2017. The game was the first in the brand-new Money Wheel game category offered by the live gaming specialist. Prior to the game’s release, table games reigned supreme at live casinos. The developer created Dream Catcher to cater to casino, slots and bingo players that do not usually play table games, and therefore, don’t play at live casinos.
The game features a super-sized, vertically mounted wheel containing 54 coloured segments. 52 of these segments contain different numbers, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. There are also two multiplier segments on the wheel, x2 and x7. Players bet on which number they think the wheel will land on. The game is streamed in up to HD quality from a specialised studio in Riga. Multiple camera angles and close-ups help build the excitement making for an immersive playing atmosphere. The studio has a gameshow vibe with bright colours, flashing lights and punchy sound effects. The game is hosted by enthusiastic and lively dealers. They keep the energy high, chatting with players as the game plays.

The combination of the simple Dream Catcher rules, friendly atmosphere and potential for big multiplier wins offers a unique live gaming experience. It appeals to a wide range of players, from beginners to experienced seasoned casino players alike. The game has not only become a player favourite, it has also been recognised by industry experts, picking up the coveted title of Digital Product of the Year 2017 at the prestigious Global Gaming Awards.

Rules to know :
The payouts for Dream Catcher are straightforward and easy to remember. The odds match the number in the winning segment and bets are paid on a to one basis. As such, a win on 1 pays out at 1 to 1, a win on 2 pays out at 2 to 1, a win on 5 pays out at 5 to 1 and so on. The stake is also returned to the player along with the payout.

Each number has a different amount of segments on the wheel. The number 1 is found most frequently on the wheel, with 23 yellow segments containing the number, making it a low risk bet. This also reflects in the lowest payouts of 1 to 1. The number 40 on the other hand only appears once on the wheel, giving it the lowest winning probability rate. Although the high payout ratio of 40 to 1 is key to the bet’s appeal. The x2 and x7 multiplier segments lock bets in place for another spin, and payouts are made according to the paytable, multiplied by the relevant multiplier value from the previous spin.
The Dream Catcher game has an RTP of 90.57% – 96.58%. The optimal theoretical return to player percentage (RTP) is 96.58%. This puts it in a similar RTP range as online slots.
The inclusion of two multiplier segments on the wheel increases the house edge compared to classic Money Wheel games that lack them. The average multiplier on any bet will be 52/54 (1.15555). That basically means that players will, over the long run, win an extra 15.55% on top of the basic payout ratios because of multipliers. It is these two segments that raise the RTP to be in line with online slots.

Dream Catcher Bonus Multipliers
The two multiplier segments are a major highlight of the game – they provide the potential for big wins. If the wheel lands on one of the multiplier segments, either x2 or x7, all bets remain in place and the wheel is spun again. When the wheel stops on the winning number, all winning bets are multiplied by 2 or 7, according to the multiplier value from the previous spin. So, for example:

· You place a winning £10 bet on 10, the pay usual payout would be £100
· With a x2 multiplier, the payout would be £200
If the wheel lands on a multiplier segment for 2 or more spins in a row, the multipliers stack. This means the multiplied payout from the last spin will be multiplied again. The bets will remain in place until a spin following a multiplier lands on a 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40 segment. So, for example:
· The wheel stops on x2, x7, then 10
· (10 to 1) x 2 x 7 = (20 to 1) x 7 = (140 to 1)
· In this instance, for a winning £10 bet, the payout would be £1400      

How to play Dream Catcher?
Playing Dream Catcher is incredibly simple. To play the Money Wheel game, you place a bet on the number you think the wheel will stop at. The dealer then spins the wheel. When the wheel stops, the winning segment is indicated by the leather pointer at the top of the wheel. Any bets placed on the winning number will be paid out at their respective odds. See how to play Dream Catcher in 3 simple steps:
Any bets placed must be within the table limits, which are clearly displayed on the screen. A traffic light system will indicate when you can place bets (green), when betting time is nearly over (amber) and when no further bets can be placed for the current round (red).
To place a bet, you select the value of the chip you would like to bet. Once you have selected your chip, you place the bet by simply clicking on your chosen number on the betting spot that sits in front of the wheel. You can increase your bet with each additional click. Players can bet on between 1 and all 6 betting spots. There is also a BET ON ALL button which allows you to quickly place a bet covering all bet spots.
Once betting is closed, the dealer spins the wheel. After the winning number is determined and all winning bets paid out, betting opens for the following game round. You will then have the option to repeat the previous bet, double the bet, or place a new bet.