Casino Meter

What is a Casino Meter?

Casino Meter has 52 playing cards. The dealer deals 11 cards to 2 zones: Low and High zones. The cards from A-9 go to Low, and the cards from 10-K go to High. The 9 of Spades from Low and the 10 of Spades from High have no points in this game, but they are included in those 11 cards during the round.

Rules to know :
This is a Casino Meter game of 52 cards,where 11 cards will be divided in two zone’s: Low and High Zone.The higher score will be the winner, the winner will get 1.15 rate of his betting amount.

How to play a Casino Meter?
The player will bet on low zone will have all the cards from Ace to 8 of all suits plus 3 cards of 9 (Heart, Club, Diamond).The player will bet on high zone will have all the cards of J, Q, K of all suits plus 3 cards of 10 (Heart, Club, Diamond).
High Zone’s value of cards
Ace to 10 - 1 to 10 Points
J - 11 Points
Q - 12 Points
K - 13 Points