Casino War

What is Casino War?

Casino War is one of the easiest casino games played with cards,it is always played against the dealer. 

Both the player and the dealer are dealt with one card. If the value of the player card is higher than the dealer’s card, the player wins or else the player loses.


Rules to know :

The lowest hand value in Casino War is an Ace (1), while the greatest card value is a King.

Players win even money if the player's card has a higher value than the dealer’s card value. 

Among face cards, the order of decreasing value is King, Queen, and followed by Jack. 

All numbered cards have a value equal to their numbers. 

When both player and dealer have the same value, then we look at their suits.
The Highest suit is ♠ (Spades), then accordingly ♥ (Hearts), ♣ (Clubs), ♦ (Diamonds).


How to play Casino War?

Players begin this game by putting an initial bet by placing chips on the table.

Then the dealer deals one card for each player and one card for the house from a shoe containing the deck. 
If the player card has a higher value than the dealer, the player wins or else, the player loses the round.