29 Card Baccarat

What is 29 Card Baccarat?
Baccarat 29 has 29 cards and is a fast game. The 29 cards are: the cards starting from 2 to 8 and the 9 of spades. There are two winners in this game: Player A and Player B. 

Rules to know :
The rules are a mix of Teen Patti and Baccarat.There are three winning options in Baccarat 29: Trio Combination, the highest value and High Card.

How to play 29 Card Baccarat?
The player makes a bet on one or several boxes and the dealer deals three cards on each box bet upon . All cards are dealt face-up in this casino game.
On each box there are 3 cards.  Two hands with the same points are considered with high cards. If the points are different, then the hand with the high points wins. Also one hand can win with a trio combination.
There is no option to bet on a tie. It happens when both players have the same cards.