2 Card Teen Patti

What is 2 Card Teen Patti?

2 Card Teen Patti is a regular Teen Patti played with 2 cards. There are 2 winning options in this game: Player A and Player B. Both players are dealt 2 cards each. 


Rules to know :

The card combinations in a game of Teen Patti or Indian Flush are ranked in descending order, as follows:

Pure Sequence: When the player has two cards in sequence in a given suit. For example, 10, J,  of Spades or 4, 5  both in Diamonds. This is the highest-ranking combination 

Trio: When the player has two cards of the same rank or value.The best trio is a series of two aces. 

Sequence or Straight: When the player has two cards in any suit but in a sequence. For example a Jack, Queen in any suit, or a 5, 6 in any suit. 

Colour or Flush: When a player has all two cards in a single suit but not in any given sequence. For instance, Ace, Jack in Hearts or 2, 5 Clubs, and so on.

High Card: When no cards are in sequence or in the same suit, the value of the highest-ranking card is compared between the players. The winner is the player with the highest-ranked card in hand.


How to play 2 Card Teen Patti?

First, you bet on either the Player A or the Player B box by placing chips on either of the two options.

Then the dealer draws two cards and places them on the respective boxes on the table.

You win if your initial bet or call is on the Box, which has the highest combination.


There is an option to bet on an exact combination.